fotografia espontanea de familias

Well, you are very welcomed to my web. You have found this website in your google searchings. If you are looking for some cute and fresh family portraits, you are in the right place.

Here, you´ll find more details about my style:

My style:

I love genuine families and I dislike cheesy posing. My style is artistic, real, unobtrusive and very documental. I want you to act yourselves and forget about my camera.

My goal:

Do you know that photography and smell are the best ways to remember your past?
My photographs will give you the opportunity to look back on this time in your families life and remember exactly what you felt like. It will be a memory for you two as parents because you two will be in the photographs and it will be a gift "capsule time" for your children.


I offer hourly sessions or a day in the life sessions.
The first ones can be two or four hours sessions depending on how many locations do you want for your photographs.
The day in the life sessions are my favourite ones. Capturing your entire day, allow me to fill in all the details that tell your family´s story as it is.

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